• Graphic design
  • Communication supports
  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Video editing

Jersey design and video editing


By the growing notoriety of AuroraStudios linked to the work that we did with many Esport teams and structures, we worked with the French structure 3DMAX hand in hand for 4 years on content creation such as videos and the design of different visual elements.

Communicate by videos

Among our first works, we made a video intro to use during their interviews and different streams from their web tv on Twitch and Youtube.

In 2011, their team on the game Counter-Strike: Source won a LAN-party in Epinal called MaxLan. I made the video “In Memory of 3DMAX at MaxLan” which retraces their performances and victory by mixing video rush, audio comments and “in-game” montages of their actions.

Source : https://www.vakarm.net/news/read/MaxLan-3DMAX-l-emporte/3327

Jerseys through the seasons

I made jerseys that they wore during the various events and competitions.

A world champion women team

In 2014, the women team of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive won the Esport world championship – ESWC (Electronic Sport World Cup) at the Paris Games Week event.

Source : http://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/2014/00075585-eswc-des-francaises-championnes-du-monde-sur-cs-go.htm

Photos : Winamax, HLTV.org, Vakarm.net, yle.fi

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